Friday, May 3, 2013

"With 32 Mystical Paths of Wisdom..."


"With 32 Mystical Paths of Wisdom, Created YH YHVH... and Sealed in 3 Books - Book, Number, Speech."

Wisdom is nullification of the ego, pure experiential existence, without comprehension or understanding.  The flash of lightning.

As below, so is above.  Just like the human consciousness contains a spark of Wisdom at its source, so does all of creation, up to the highest dimensions of spirit, way beyond the confinement of matter.

Indeed, on this level of Wisdom - Soul, Year, and World (Spirit, Time, and Space) converge.  This level is inherent in everything, but cannot be experienced other then through contemplation.

This contemplation of the point of Oneness and the point of mystical essence in Creation, but seeing the dimension of wonder, giving life to the dimension of existence.  This is what are sages say that redemption (geulah) is a  function of "inserting the Aleph (corresponding to the mystical point of Wisdom) of the Master of the Universe within the Universe".

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