Monday, September 22, 2014

In the end of days...

There are many predictions for terrible things to come to "awaken" the world, as Hashem is "awaken" from the "sleep" of the exile.

However, just like in the plague of darkness, the Jews had light wherever they were, while the rest of Egypt suffered terribly, so it is now.

Indeed, it's not just Jews, but anyone who sides with G-d and Israel (as it is known that he who loves Israel loves G-d and he who loves G-d loves Israel) will not only be "saved" from peril, but rather experience greater revelation of goodness from Hashem.

The Gemara says that at the end of days Israel will do Teshuva and be redeemed, and what if they don't do Teshuva?  Hashem will put a king evil as Haman and will force them to do Teshuva... The inner meaning for this is true for each one of us individually as well.

As we approach Teshuva, but our evil inclination plays with us and we don't even know how to come back to Hashem.  If we look at what is making our life difficult, and dig in we will find where we are causing it.  This is a deep teaching of the Baal Shem Tov, that everything that happens to a person is in divine providence to teach a lesson in the service of Hashem.

The issue with many of these videos is they tell a person that they are "sinning" and that terrible things will happen because of their sins.  Those who are truly sinning are not listening.  Those who are listening, often don't know how to change their behavior, and now they are added anguish and fear of what's coming, which is more fuel for the evil inclination to convince them to turn away from G-d chas veshalom.

In this year of 5775 the evil inclination will finally be transformed into good.  That has never been since the sin of the primordial snake.

What this means is that anyone who wants to bind his soul on high, can do it in an instant of a good thought, a good word, and a good action.

Our work now is not to "warn" the world about...  Our work now is step beyond our exile mentality and rid ourselves of the chains of the evil inclination.  How do we do that?

By learning the secrets of the Torah.  The best is to learn through ego nullification, for those who know how to do that.  We must gather (online even) and learn together, with great joy, thus exalting Hashem's Holy Name and bring salvation and redemption to the entire world.

ksiva vechasim tova leshana tova umesuka.

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