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The 8th Generation


The 8th Generation

The Rebbe asks why did the Shechinah come down to dwell in the Mishkan only on the 8th day, and not during the previous 7 days of Miluim, or at least the 7th day itself (citing the midrash that "all 7s are beloved").

The Rebbe further asks that since Moshe was perfect, and Moshe was the 7th (see above), and Moshe was the one to bring the Shechinah back to Earth - why did the awesome revelation of VaYera Aleichem Kvod Havaya not take place on the 7th day.  And you can't say anything was lacking - Moshe and the avodah of the 7th day are both perfect.

There is a very clear and obvious parallel in this question (and the answers) to our biggest question - if all the work to bring the redemption are completed and have been completed for 20 years now - how come we still don't see the open revelation of G-dliness in the redemption?

The answer to all of the above is in the Rebbe's explanation of the 8th day, and hence the 8th generation.  No, there are not 8 days in the week and hence there are not 8 generations per se.  However, as we see, the 7th generation has aspects to it (just like Shabbos has 2 aspects - the 7th day of the week, and an aspect that is entirely above time and hence cause time to restart after Shabbos counting 1 again).  

In another way - as the Rebbe said we are the Last generation of golus and first generation of redemption - again hinting to 2 aspects - the 7th being the last generation of golus and the 8th being the first of redemption - the connection between the 8th and redemption being clear in both the kli yakar and teshuvos ha rashba.

 the 8th is Binah as it is in its place, where it includes the 3 Rishonos - and specifically Pnimiyus Atik going to meet Atzmus (Shmini).

The 8th has the aspect of infusing ruchnius and gashmius together and reconciling opposites (the 2 camps paralleling the 2 camps of Yakov in VaYishlach).  

Kara Moshe to Aharon is a netinas Koach - 
Koach Nissan or Purim 47

Aharon is the avodah below to above - mala of Baal teshuva on zadik gamur - only thing lacking in the 7th generation was for a body defiled by pork and averisu and heifech hatahara to reach ahava and yira of a tzadik gammur - the 8th is the shuman and essence that mefapea through everything - atzmus is in every part of creation including kelipah - end of birurim and avodas hanisyonot - nissan atiding lehigael.

bUT aharon only functions through the power of the Rebbe (Moshe) - and it is exactly as if moshe HIMSELF is doing all of it - just using aharon (the generation in our example) as his hands and feet.

when the 8th aspect begins - the Rebbe is concealed - like a seed that is rotting in order to awaken the koach of growth in the earth and sprout an entire tree full of seeds - we are that tree, and we are only executing bepoal the Rebbe's own work - we are just keilim for it.

until here is all of Rav Mordechai's Torah - we each need to see the Rebbe - our own avodah of going to meet Atzmus (Shmini).  

So where is this tree revealing the Rebbe in the new aspect of the 8th - all of us,. Klal hachassidim and klal Yisroel.

Last sicha so far is machazis hashekel amd Hakhel!

thats why ahavas yisroel is the mitvah that bhrings geulah, cause of golus - because in this golus we were supposed to finally reach the purpose of creation - forming the relationship between the nitzozos of Malchos of Ein Sof as it is garbed in  [physical bodies in Asiyah

Matan Torah - 600,000 all looking out for each other (Baal HaSulam from here).  Forming this perfect network that made possible the revelation of Matan Torah.

Practical horaa - unite and connect every single Jew - Internet is a network - Keilim of Tikkun (concept of Tikkun vs Tohu in Kabbalah is manifested as a network).

New age of Moshiach - no competition - cooperation.

Tzemach Tzedek story of helping a yid in gashmius.  Printing of the Likutey Torah in 5603 - the keitz of the Alter Rebbe on 5775 (1775 years) - now 172 years (Eikev) from the printing of the Likuttey Torah, the destruction of the Second Temple 172 (Eikev) years before the dawn of the 5th Millenium.  5603+172 (Eikev) is 5775.

Start with shechunah and grow out - list every name, what you need and how you can help.  Every Jew knows he has 15 Milllion (ken yirbu) other Jews looking out for him more than they are looking out for themselves - this is the new model in geulah.  This is Hakhel which is connected to the King and the 8th.  Accomplished by Moshiach ben Yosef, paving the way for the miraculous revelation (from Heaven) of Moshiach ben Dovid - The Rebbe King Moshiach.

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