Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Some thoughts on כ"ז אדר


Anyone who knew the Rebbe would miss the Rebbe, and the giluyim. I didn't know the Rebbe other then through chassidus, so my loss is my advantage.

Given this, it's printed on my wall that the fact that giluyim conceal the Etzem is only true so long that the moshpia and mekabel are separate. When the Etzem is revealed the giluyim stop.  The analogy is a big professor and a child.   In order to teach the Professor has to conceal his true knowledge according to the students ability.   But when the student and the teacher are on the same level then the teacher can reveal his essence and is no longer darkness.

The problem is that the student is insisting that he's not on the teachers level.  The students are in fact sure that they are far from the teachers level.   But this is the teacher's final teaching in the last 11 months of sichos.

Now, how to bring this down in avoda is hard, and I've seen my holy teachers take it too far into the land of dreams.   But the point is the same and is true.

Hashem is in prison, the prison of our hearts and minds.  We are the only ones that can bring the redemption, and until we do Hashem remains in shekels R"L.  The answer is not to run wildly or to make noise, but to internalize the teachings, learn them again, and practice.

We have a path and we have come a long way.  Running and returning.  Slowly finding the golden balance.   And life's Challenges are our best guide.

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  1. Yes. Well written. The work is laid out for us...