Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Zohar's Account of a Mystical Revelation of Moshiach 4 Sivan


There is a very mystical account told by Zohar Chadash in parshas Balak (see below) that seems to describe one of the critical moments in the redemption, a moment when "the cave of Moshe opens" and Moshiach, Moshe, and the Shechinah are united.

This mystical tale (and the definition of something mystical is that its meaning is hidden and cannot be directly understood) appears following the description of the long exile and the cry of the angels and the directions of earth to which the Jewish people were dispersed.  Crying to Hashem to end the exile.  Then the zohar starts to describe a process of redemption (I say "a" process and not "the" process since as we know in the beitah timeline of redemption there are many dates and way points, as is also evident in this Zohar as well).

Many bloggers have already quoted other parts of this discourse, the section talking about the redemption coming when Shemitah and Yovel meet (something that is was true in 1967 (I think) and is true again this year (I know, based on Dov's many essays on the topic).  Another now famous part of this Zohar is speaking about the synagogue on the South end being destroyed and 5 holy martyrs killed (Mumbay), and 32 days later a vengence (War on Gaza), etc.

However, the following part discusses a very "weird" situation.  It describes events on the night of the 4th day of the 3rd month.  This could be 4 Sivan or 4 Kislev, but based on the Zohar continuation talking about the blowing of the Shofar (Yovel) of Freedom (Cheirut) on the Day of Shavuot (the day when the Shofar sounded and we were freed from the angel of Death), it sounds like the zohar is speaking about the 4th of Sivan.  It actually talks about the hour 9:30 as well.  It has been my custom to read this Zohar section every year at this date and time, since it describes the miraculous revelation of Moshiach.

I will IY"H elaborate on this entire section, like I said it sounds like it is talking about the revaluation of Moshiach, although the Zohar says later that this Moshiach is Moshiach ben Yosef, from the seed of the son of Aviyah ben Yeravam, with all that means....

For now, I recommend to all who can to say this section of the Zohar as we know that when we recite Torah down in this world, the same Torah is being recited on High, and these mystical events happen in some plane or another.

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