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Waiting for Moshiach or Bringing Moshiach Now? After 10 Teves 5776 Year of Hakhel


We are all davening to Hashem to bring the geula, and yet we look around and seems like Hashem is "sleeping" and the world is running on its own C"V.

Remember the Zohar VeYera lists the timelines from the year 66, 72, 73.5, and then states that the process will continue until the year 100, meaning the end of the century.  These are all processes and timelines, but we must not forget our avoda, and that quite simply Moshiach should come NOW!.

That's why the Rebbe pushed us to say We Want Moshiach Now, not we want Moshiach 10 Tevet, 5772, next year, next 18 months, etc.  Now means Now!.

So, how do we bring Moshiach now?  In parshas Pinchas 5751 the Rebbe tells us that one Jew (even someone not previously religious at all) can bring the geula by conquring their thoughts, speech, and actions with their Essence of their Neshama.

It is explained in Zohar and the writings of the Arizal that the essence of the Neshama of a Jew (the Yechida) is a spark of Moshiach, as well as a spark of the Blessed Essence of Ein Sof.  Through this essential point, all of Israel are one "body", which is embodied by Moshiach who is a Yechida Klalis - his entire being is the Yechida, as the Arizal says that Adam HaRishon was on the level of Chaya, and only Moshiach will reveal the level of Yechida.

However, since the Yechida is available in every single Jew, regardless of their revealed aspects and current state of riteousness, any Jew, at any time can reveal the Yechida, and since his or her Yechida is connected to the Essence of Ein Sof, which literally is not limited by anything (it is Ein Sof), once that level is revealed within a single Jew, it is revealed in the entire world.

This is the inner meaning of the saying in the Talmud "he did one Mitzva and topped himself and the entire world to the side of Merit), as the Rambam bring this gemara in Hilchos Teshuva, that a Jew with one single Mitzva brings salvation to the entire world.  By the way, this is a great example of how the revealed (nigla) and the esoteric (nistar) aspects of Torah are perfectly connected...

The "problem" is that the Essence of No End "Bound Himself" to the Jewish nation ("melech asur barhatim - berhitei mocha veliba"), and therefore He is waiting for US to reveal our yechida, hence releasing "Him".  The irony is we are waiting for Him to come and save US (gevald! gevald!)

How do we reveal our yechida?  It's so simple that it's almost impossible to undersantd.  We do so by putting our ego, feelings, desires, understandings, perspectives, and comforts aside.  How do we do this?  By nullifying ourselves into the greater whole.

This is also the inyon of Hakhel.  The year of Hakhel is always (by definition) the year following shemita (motzei Shviis ben Dovid ba).  Even Yakov told his sons in our parsha "gather and I will tell you the keitz" (paraphrased based on Rashi) - GATHER first - that's the first step.

Now, learning how to live according to our Yechida was the mission of the Baal Shem Tov, but at his time he only revealed it to perfect Tzadikim who became his students.  Same for the successor of the Baal Shem Tov, the Rebbe the Rav HaMogid.  The student of the Rav HaMogid, the Alter Rebbe, the Baal HaTanya and Shulcha Aruch, brought the Torah of the Baal Shem Tov to each and every one of us.  In 7 succeeding generations the teachings became further codified paving a path of divine service, until 5727 - 1967 when the Great Shofar was blown - the beginning of the Baal Teshuva movement.  We are the spiritual descendents of the Baal Shem Tov who received from Achiya HaShiloni (the Baal Chai - again a reference to the master of the Yechida, which is the mystical secret of Moshiach) and Eliyahu HaNavi.

The ball is in our hands now, and we are ready.  I am offering anyone to come and learn this path, either a shiur online, one on one, or in any way.  I have been teaching this one on one in Crown Heights to whoever would just listen, and every single person answered that this answered their questions.  I am also learning, but with every Jew we learn with, our light grows.

As far as Hakhel is concerned - please sign up online at Hakhel 5776, simply by joining a group of other Jews on a single list you are already fulfilling Hakhel (the Rebbe said this in 13 Tishrey 5748 a year of Hakhel).

I know some people will find this comment odd, please try to step outside yourself and try to learn more.  This is truly the path of the teshuva that immediately brings the geula.

Moshiach Now!

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