Friday, September 19, 2014

All That is Left is Repentance


Teshuva - Repentance - has two aspects (Teshuva Tata'a and Teshuva Ila'a).  The first is to regret past transgressions (the "mother" of all transgressions is us feeling ourselves to be independent existences and not nullified to the Infinite G-dliness), and accept the Yoke of Heaven for the future, starting Now.

The second Repentance - The Higher Teshuva - is to "go back" to our orginial source, where Israel, the Torah, and Kudsha Brich Hu are All One (Zohar Trumah)  This is the Shema Israel - and it's this second level of repentance about which our Sages said "all the Keitzim have passed, all that is left is to Repent, the moment they repent immediately they are redeemed."

Today, it is enough for one Baal Teshuva to reach this second level of Repentance, it happens in an instant, and as the Rambam writes in Hilchot Teshuvah "brings salvation and redemption to the entire world".

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